Jacque & Lukas Engagement - Stephanie Lund Photography

Jacque & Lukas

Engagement - Oconomowoc, WI

October 29, 2017

There is nothing better than having your fairytale dream come true... finding the love of your life! Jacque and Lukas did just that! These two definitely have a special  bond of love and respect for each other. They put God first, work hard at making a difference where they are, and they love family. I had the joy of capturing their love for each other.

My beautiful hometown of Oconomowoc, WI was the destination for this engagement session. Jacque and Lukas love the great outdoors so we thought it would be fitting to begin by walking through the trails at Nature Hill. Our next stop was at Fowler Park where they had fun throwing leaves, giving piggy back rides and playing the guitar. They both are very creative and musical. I'm so glad they brought the guitar, decorated case and the super awesome bass drum for props. The props helped capture part of who they are as a couple.

We then went downtown to Whelan's Coffee & Ice Cream shop. They not only have amazing chai tea, coffee and ice cream but they have a gorgeous brick building that is perfect for pictures. By the end of the evening we were back at Fowler Park to enjoy some quiet time by the lake.

Congratulations on your engagement, Jacque and Lukas! Thanks for allowing me to be a part of this special time in your lives. God bless your marriage!

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